A Message from the President

Welcome to the BAHID website, and especially to the Association. Whether you are a member or thinking of joining our great mix of minds, I hope that you find this web site useful and informative. We are an Association that aims to bring together professionals, academics and students from many different fields associated with Human Identification, and in doing so learn more about how we can tackle the issues faced by combining the knowledge and skills from these differing fields of expertise.

Dick Shepherd

During the 2017 Spring Conference we hoped to gain an understanding of the many challenges involved in determining the identity, the age and often the family relationships of those that may have run from disintegrating countries and regimes whether from fear or for a desire for a better life. We all know that there may be some who are unable to prove who they are or who are perhaps unable or unwilling to answer truthfully the questions “Who are you,  how old are you, where are you from?”  When that happens it is for us to provide reliable assistance to the state … but also to provide fairness to these often distressed and dispossessed peoples. Many have died in their attempts to reach countries they consider to be caring and identifying those fatalities presents different but equally crucial problems.

Science is also about progress and our presentations included information about recent scientific advances, together with some case studies relating to methods, ethical and legal aspects of identification of both the living and the dead.

The 2017 Winter conference will be held at the Chancellors Hotel in Manchester. The theme will be 'Search, Recovery and Identification' and the programme has something for everyone. There will be Specialist talks as well as the student competitions, which always give an insight into the research taking place at universities, not only within Great Britain, but throughout the world.  One of the bonuses of attending a BAHID conference is the great diversity, knowledge and wide experience of our delegates and their willingness to chat, share ideas and talk about general experiences and opportunities. Therefore, I would encourage all those attending to use this rare opportunity to mix freely, enjoy the learning, have fun at the social events, but please stay safe, and if you are not yet a member of BAHID - now is a good time to join!

 I will be around throughout the conference, so please feel free to come and introduce yourself and chat, as I am always interested in feedback and new ideas for future meetings and how we can improve BAHID for our members.

I look forward to meeting you all

Dr Dick Shepherd