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elcome to the Webinar Series, where a host of speakers from various avenues of Human Identification share their experiences, research and knowledge with our members and those with an interest in this field. 

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 Wednesday 26th June 2024


Dr Peter Zioupos

Dr Peter Zioupos

Aging and Skeletal Maturity, the Biomechanical and Forensic Implications: A Biomechanician's view

Peter Zioupos is a Professor in Biomedical Engineering in School of Engineering in University of Hull. He has held previous appointments in the universities of Cranfield, York, and Strathclyde.

He has an interest in Musculoskeletal science and research and their link to Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Bone physiology, Anatomy and Forensics.

His most recent work was in detecting the arrival of ‘maturity’ in the human skeleton by biomechanical and physicochemical methods (BONE in 2022) and on the influence of varying strain rate on the properties of bone (BONE in 2020). In the latter a paradigm shifting paper he has shown that the fragility of ageing bone in particular is a result of a ductile-to-brittle-transition (DBT) which shifts to lower strain rates for older individuals. The cause of this effect is biophysical in its nature and shows that the so called 'bone properties' can only be understood in the context of its history and its environment both mechanical and ambient.

 He is a Visiting Professor in the 'Research Centre for Future Transport and Cities' of Coventry University (Nov 2020) advising on automotive related trauma and applications. He was elected a Fellow of the IPEM (Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine) in 2009 of which he has been a member since the late 80s.

Peter is also active in forensics and offers consultancy in legal cases regarding lethal or otherwise trauma, which involves primarily bone injuries. He has developed a patent for the Forensic determination of age at time of death by analytical laboratory examination of bone matrix. 

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