BAHID Conferences


7th - 9th December 2018

Rise of the machines: technology's involvement in human identification

Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester

Chancellors Hotel 2 

Call for Papers deadline 2nd November 2018

With the advances in technology directly affecting the way in which those involved in human identification work, it is important to be aware of new, novel and developing techniques that can assist the work that we do. The increase in use of drone in search and location, the use of CCTV to identify potential threats, and developments enabling professionals in the community to solve cases long forgotten are all the result of new techniques becoming available. Therefore, this call is centred on the way in which we use technology to solve cases, conduct research and teach the next generation of professionals. Whether you are a forensic radiologist, computer facial recognition expert, use alternative light sources for blood detection, are involved in virtopsy or any other field associated with human identification we want to hear from you.


Feedback from the Spring 2017 Conference 'Migration and Identification' 


'Thank you for organising such a fantastic conference. It had a really good range of speakers and there was a really friendly feel to it.'


'Just to say how much I enjoyed the weekend in Manchester and to congratulate you on putting on such a good meeting, both scientific and socially. I was really impressed by the genuine research going on and the obvious enthusiasm behind it.'


'Thank you so much for a great weekend. The talks were great and it was a lot of fun catching up with some old and new faces!'