CPD Accredited Forensic Ecology Webinar

Posted on 19/07/2020

Integritas Global Consultancy (IGC) Ltd are pleased to announce that they will be hosting a CPD Accredited Forensic Ecology Webinar on Wednesday 22nd July 2020 (1330-1600 BST). The objectives of this course are:

  • To outline what Forensic Ecology is, and the various subjects that are encompassed within the subject (with a specific focus on Forensic Botany).
  • To outline the roles of a Forensic Ecologist in missing person searches; the examination of body deposition scenes/clandestine burials and the evidential value of non-human environmental trace evidence in linking suspects to crime scenes or victims.
  • To describe the assessment of challenging crime scenes (such as woodland burials) and to highlight when and why specialist forensic ecology assistance is necessary.
  • To underline the relationship between Forensic Ecology methods and disciplines/information sources that are often more familiar to crime scene investigators (e.g. ANPR or mobile phone data).
  • To highlight the process required when selecting and identifying potential exhibits related to Forensic Ecology.
  • To outline the appropriate handling and storage of non-human biological material and soil samples.
  • To explain the documentation of non-human elements of a crime scene including photography and mapping.
  • To describe what Environmental DNA (eDNA) is, and the potential future impact upon criminal investigations.

Integritas Global Consultancy (IGC) Ltd are offering BAHID members an exclusive 30% discount to the webinar, be sure to check your email inbox for the code and enter this while registering.