Call for Papers

We are inviting submissions for presentations and workshops at the upcoming BAHID conference to be held on 7th - 9th December 2018 in Manchester (UK). The theme of the conference is:

 "Rise of the machines: technology's involvement in human identification"

With the advances in technology directly affecting the way in which those involved in human identification work, it is important to be aware of new, novel and developing techniques that can assist the work that we do. The increase in use of drone in search and location, the use of CCTV to identify potential threats, and developments enabling professionals in the community to solve cases long forgotten are all the result of new techniques becoming available. Therefore, this call is centred on the way in which we use technology to solve cases, conduct research and teach the next generation of professionals. Whether you are a forensic radiologist, computer facial recognition expert, use alternative light sources for blood detection, are involved in virtopsy or any other field associated with human identification we want to hear from you.

DVI work does not always involve working in well equiped facilities, in fact often, you have to improvise to get the job done. We would be very interested to hear from those who have been deployed on case work, only to find the facilities available are technology deprived. What are your solutions and recommendations for completing the work required in challenging situations.

The conference will be dedicated to all forensic fields working within this area, and hopes to attract a range of speakers, both professional and academic to share their research and experience with the BAHID  membership and wider forensic community. Podium presentations submitted should follow the theme of the conference. Poster presentations may cover any area of human identification.

We are welcome submissions from all fields related to the conference themes. When submitting your application to present please provide the following information:

  • Name of presenting author
  • Email address
  • Affiliation
  • Presentation type (workshop, podium or poster)
  • Student Prize Entry (yes/no)
  • Title
  • Abstract of no more than 250 words
  • Key words (up to five)
  • Short biography (podium presentations only)

If you are interested in holding a workshop, but are have questions about costs, facilities or numbers, please email Carole at

The deadline for this call is Friday 2nd November 2018. Those submitting to the Call for Papers will be given a response by the end of the following week, with a draft programme available after the deadline.

Please send your abstract to